Event Wristbands

Customisable Event Wristbands made from a waterproof, tamperproof, paper like material are great for festivals, parties, theme parks, corporate shows, fairs, gigs, nightclubs and so much more

Our Customisable Event Polyester Wristbands offer both a great value and a simple solution for entry control, visitor management and quick identification.

These Polyester Wristbands look like paper, and are extremely durable, easy to wear, allergy free and is ideal for events that last 1-2+ days.

The bands are easily secured with a self-adhesive tab and strategically placed security cuts prevent the band from being removed without breaking or showing clear signs of tampering.

We can offer plain, single colour printed, full colour printed and individually numbered wristbands to your design specification or something we design for you in-house.

They also come in a range of base colours and sizes, although each size can be adjusted to suit the wearer. These wristbands give your event a professional feel and have to added bonus of being a good promotional tool.

•    Non-Transferable
•    Plain, striped or printed
•    One size fits all
•    Lightweight, easy to wear and allergy free
•    Chlorine and water resistant
•    Individually numbered
•    Self-Adhesive Panel                                                                                                                                                                         img_1226img_1215