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Print Finishing in general terms means anything that happens to a print job after its printed, but its also a value added process that can include foil blocking, die cutting, gloss and matt laminating and embossing.

Listed below is a guide to help you understand the finishing options

Foil Blocking

Having your print foil blocked doesn’t mean you are restricted to gold and silver foils, todays modern foils include a vast array of pigmented colours, holograms and security foils, any one of which will enhance the printed message.

Binding, Stapling, Stitching and Gluing

Most booklets, catalogues, magazines and NCR books are bound using a saddle stitching machine that utilises wire staples to bind the pages together. A saddle stitched booklet lies almost flat when opened, a useful print finishing method when you are opening pages to read.  Loop stitching is where a booklet is stitched to hold the pages together but leaves a loop down the spine so they can be clamped into ring binders.


Within a print finishing department there will be a few different types of glues and probably the most commonly found is an adhesive called Rioflex. This glue bonds NCR sets and into their desired set number i.e. 2-part, 3-part etc consisting of the top sheet and once written on will transfer to the second sheet. Most invoice and receipt sets are done this way. Another type of glue found in most finishing rooms will be a padding adhesive which binds note pads, desk blocks purchase orders and invoice pads.


Embossing and Debossing as the Oxford Dictionary will tell you is to curve, mould or stamp a design onto a surface object so it stands out in relief. Great for invites, business cards and wedding stationery.


Lamination is a thin plastic coating either in gloss or matt which gets heat sealed over paper or board. This process will give the ink a vibrant lift and will prolong the life of printed brochures, report covers and accounts, book jackets and folders.

Die Cutting and Creasing

This is the term given to techniques such as cutting folders out with pockets and adding scores so folds don’t have cracks running down them when the papers fibres tear.

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