A-Boards, Pavement Signs, Street Talkers, Garage Forecourt Signs they all have one thing in common – THEY CAPTURE YOUR ATTENTION!

Pavement Signs with well thought out graphics offer a valuable opportunity at low expense to drive footfall over your threshold.

Printed A-Boards etc are often the first impression your potential customer will have of your business, so its important to get it right!

665217Classic A-Board

    Double-sided poster display in a wide range of sizes

    Front opening aluminium snapframes with round corners for safety (32mm profile)

    Anti-glare poster covers with high UV resilience

    Galvanised steel back panels and hinged locking arms for optimum weight and stability

    Available in silver anodised or black powder coated finishes from stock

    Custom sizes and colours available made to order (minimum order quantity: 50)

    ‘Fold-flat’ design – easy to move and store
a board classic graphic

Eco Swingerbigimage-ecoswinger2newbasew02092015184361813

    Gloss white aluminium panel (430 x 625mm) – ideal for screen/digitally printed graphics or

vinyl application

    Stylish 32mm round steel tube frame – available in black or white from stock

    Frames also available in any RAL colour (minimum order quantity: 25)

    Patented ‘D-Flex’ panel hangers make panel fitting quick and easy

    Solid black recycled PVC base provides excellent stability

a board swinger
Sightmaster Forecourt Sign

    Front-opening aluminium snapframes for quick and easy poster changebigimage-sightmaster2-toppstilesw0703201365738011

    High strength ACM back panel, suitable for dry-wipe and liquid chalk pens

    Water-fillable HDPE base with built-in wheels and carry handle

    Heavy duty mounts ensure stability by allowing panel deflection in the wind

    Anti-glare PET poster covers ensure clarity of message

    Soft round corners for safety

Do’s and Dont’s


A picture paints a thousand words – Use good quality Hi-Res images.
Make your message enticing, remember your A-Board is the bait!

Less is more – don’t forget you don’t have long to hit them with your campaign.

Things to remember – Always ask yourself these three questions

What products or services do you want it to promote the most?
What image do you want it to purvey?
Am I targeting our core audience?


Don’t let your graphic go public without doing a spellcheck
Don’t let your promotion go out of date
Don’t let your A-Board look tired and dirty