500gsm Vinyl PVC Banners

664113A higher quality material when additional strength is required

This premium-grade laminated PVC material is stronger with a higher tensile strength, great image quality and is perfect for most types of banners especially for larger banners where the extra strength can help protect the banner and keep it looking great.

Our 500gsm Vinyl PVC banners are digitally printed using UV-based inks, which mean that the finished banner is ‘fade-resistant’, ensuring a long-lasting, vibrant print.

This is a versatile material and can be used for both outdoor advertising and indoor events

    A more heavy duty PVC

    M1/B1 fire rated to comply with UK and European Fire Safety Standards

   Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

   Superb-quality full-colour print

   Printed with fade-resistant UV-based inks

   Standard finishes such as Hems & Eyelets or Pole Pockets are included in the price

   This premium banner-grade material is more beneficial to larger banners (over 6m x 2m)

    where additional tensile strength is required.


Please Note: Banners are only meant to be used as temporary signage. We cannot be held responsible for any fitting or installation issues. As with all forms of temporary signage, they should be taken down in winds exceeding 30MPH.

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